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“The big thing we would recommend is not only a nice product but what makes Lifestone different is the service. We would class the service from this company as one of the best we’ve dealt with amongst any company, not only compared to other paving companies. Especially administration, outstanding, super friendly, quick, always sounded interested in our job.”

Greg & Pauline, Atwell

Exposed Aggregate Paving Perth

Exposed aggregate paving is an attractive, naturally textured flooring that perfectly complements all landscaping designs. This simple yet striking flooring solution combines coloured concrete with an exposed ‘aggregate’, which can be anything from quartz to blue metal.

The combinations are unlimited, yet the result is always a hardwearing, cost effective, visually striking surface that is suitable for numerous outdoor applications, even those high levels of traffic and inclement weather.

Unlike liquid limestone paving, patterns or textures are not added to exposed aggregate concrete, allowing the exposed textures of the aggregate to provide a naturally unique and appealing finish.

Key Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Paving

  • No anthills or weeds
  • Strong and durable
  • Non-skid
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications
  • Reinforcing mesh throughout for strength and durability

Maintenance & Care

Just like liquid limestone, exposed aggregate concrete requires very little maintenance. However, the nature of this product is different to that of liquid limestone. It is a product that is not as porous, however our professional team will apply a quality sealer to the concrete at the end of the installation process (weather permitting), providing the ultimate protection to your brilliant new surface.

Although the manufacturer of the sealer offers no guarantee on the product, it is expected to remain effective for approximately 3-5 years. Should you wish to optimise the look of your paving a year or so after installation, we do offer a clean and re-seal service. To arrange this simply call us on 1300 765 776.

Cracks in concrete are extremely common but often misunderstood. When an owner sees a crack in his slab or wall, especially if the concrete is relatively new, he automatically assumes there’s something wrong. This is not always the case. Some types of cracks are inevitable. The best that a contractor can do is to try to control the cracking.

This is done by properly preparing the subgrade, assuring that the concrete is not too wet, utilizing reinforcement where needed, and by properly placing and spacing crack control joints and expansion joints. However, sometimes cracks happen in spite of any precautions taken. Hairline cracks do not require attention.

We provide exposed aggregate paving to customers throughout Perth and Western Australia, with display centres close to Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury, Mandurah, Rockingham and more.


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